Part X
Interview Question 15
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Question 15:

  1. How did you learn how to use a certain technology for work?

  2. Did you learn by yourself or did someone help you?

  3. How long did it take you to get used to it?

  4. What were some difficulties you experienced in the process?

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Answer Strategy:
        I first came across a tablet PC at work. I had actually wanted to buy one personally but couldn’t afford it. In some ways I think that technology is getting easier to use nowadays, with tablet PCs being a prime example. There are no big manuals to sift through, just a one- or two-page quick-start guide. I learned how to use the tablet PC on my own by trial and error. Honestly, the device is quite straightforward and self explanatory. Everything is touch screen and installing programs is as easy as ABC. I think it took me just a couple of hours to get familiar with the basic functions. However, learning to make full use of the potential of a tablet PC is much more time consuming. I had difficulties in using the presentation programs, especially when it came to touching up a document, as opposed to starting from scratch.

Key Expressions:

  • sift through - I sifted through a thick recipe book to find out what I can cook.

  • as easy as ABC - Baking a pie is as easy as ABC.

  • touch up - I touched the report up a bit to make it more interesting.