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A person you know may have been hospitalized.
Tell me about a time when you had to visit someone at the hospital.
Why did that person have to stay in the hospital?
What did you bring them?
What did you say to them when you went there?
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     I don’t enjoy visiting the hospital, especially when I’m visiting
someone close to me. I remember visiting my uncle one time
after he had a big operation on his stomach. I would say that I’m a
happy-go-lucky kind of person who sees things through rosetinted
glasses most of the time. But when I went into my uncle's
hospital room after his operation, I couldn’t hide my shock and
dismay. The fit and healthy uncle that I had seen just a few days
beforehand was a shadow of himself. He had lots of tubes stuck
in his arms and body, and the spark in his eyes had gone. I brought him some fruit to cheer him up, but he wasn’t allowed to eat it. It was difficult to know what to say, but I just assured him that he would get better and that he was in my thoughts and prayers.

Tell me about police officers in your country.
What color are their uniforms?
Do they wear hats? Are they friendly?
Tell me everything you know about police officers.
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      Police officers in Korea wear a grey jacket, envy blue trousers,
and a navy hat. They look much less intimidating than police
officers I’ve seen from the U.S. On the whole I would say that they
are quite friendly and approachable, despite the fact that they
sometimes have to put Up with some disrespect from the public.
But if you talk back to police officers it only makes your life more
difficult. As with anyone in a position of authority, you should be
polite to them and they will treat you the same way too. The main
incidents that the police are mainly called on to deal with in Korea
are traffic accidents and domestic disturbances. It may not seem
like much, but their presence gives peace of mind to citizens. I
respect them because there are some situations when they have
to put their lives on the line to protect the public.


Alex is generally a happy-go-lucky type of guy. However he sometimes explodes like a volcano.

see things through rose-tinted glasses
Seeing things through rose-tinted glasses would give us a different opinion about them.

a shadow of oneself
After his knee surgery, the basketball player was only a shadow of his former self.

put up with
Isaac is putting up with his annoying co-worker.

peace of mind
Self meditation is essential to having peace of mind.

put one’s life on the line
I will put my life on the line for the country.