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When was the last time you went to see a doctor?
Were you feeling sick?
What kind of treatment did you get?
Did you feel better after the visit?
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       Unfortunately for me, I had to visit the hospital twice last month.
Autumn has come around in Korea, but the daytime temperatures
are still fairly high. It’s the early mornings and nights that are the
problem, because the temperature difference is quite severe. I
caught the flu because of this, so I had to go to the hospital to get
an injection. I felt good as new the next day and went back to work.
The other reason I had to go was for a sprained ankle, which I
suffered after falling down some stairs. I put off going to see the
doctor for a week because I thought it would heal by itself. Instead
the pain got worse and worse. Fortunately my doctor said that
nothing was broken, but he did advise me to lay off any jogging for
3 weeks. My doctor is like my knight in shining armor, always
making me better.

Visits to the doctor may not be enjoyable.
Talk about how you feel when you have to go to the doctor.
Then, tell me how you feel when you leave the clinic or the hospital.
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    Going to the doctor is no big deal for me, but I do dread going to
see the dentist. I’ll try to delay seeing my dentist for as long as
possible, even when I have a toothache. I think 2 years is the
longest period of time that I’ve gone without visiting my dentist.
Whenever I finally make an appoíntment, I’m nervous and
tense from the day before I go. I have bad memories of having
countless fillíngs when I was a teenager. Sometimes I would
convince myself that the dentíst was out to hurt me, although I
now realize he always had my best interests at heart.
Nowadays when I need a new filling, I’m not angry or upset.
I just bite the bullet. But this doesn’t stop the pain and the
numbness, which lingers for a couple of hours afterwards.
I don’t think I'll ever enjoy having my teeth examined.


come around
We were relieved when Reese came around from the surgery.

lay off
I think you should lay off alcohol.

knight in shining armor
Tommy seems to be everybody’s knight in shining armor since he always has all the right answers to the boss’ questions.

no big deal
The minor office gossip is no big deal.

have one’s best interest at heart
Listen to them as they have your best interest at heart.

bite the bullet
Many fat hers have to bíte the bullet in order to earn money for their famílíes.