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I’d like to give you a situation and ask you to act it out.
You are planning to go to the movies.
Call the movie theater and ask about a film you want to watch.
Ask when it is shown and what the movie is about.
Also, ask about other services such as parking or food.

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      Hi, I’ve seen some advertisements for the new Men in Black 3
movie starring Will Smith, and I’d like to know if it’5 been released
yet. I haven’t heard of any cinemas showing it here yet, but I was
under the impression that it would be coming out this weekend. If
so, could you let me know what times it will be showing? I think I’d
prefer a late afternoon or early evening showing if one is available.
One of the reviews I read said there were some scenes that raised eyebrows ,and I’d like to know if the story is suitable for a middle school student.
I’m planning on taking my niece with me, but I don't want
 her to see anything inappropriate. Can I also ask if you
provide free parking? Last of all, are there any restaurants in the
complex, or at least somewhere to buy snacks? That’s all for now.
Thank you for your time.

 I’m sorry, but there is a problem I need you to resolve.
You were planning to see a movie with a friend but found out that the movie you were planning to watch is sold out.
Call your friend and offer two to three alternatives to deal with the situation.
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   Hi, Keon-hee. I just called the movie theater, but
unfortunately The Avengers is completely sold out today and
tomorrow. I just can’t get my head around how popular it is.
Why don’t we watch something else instead? It’s not like we
were dead set on that particular movie anyway. We can
watch it when all the hype around it has died down in a
couple of weeks. Are there any other movies that have
caught your eye recently? The one with Dong-gun Jang
looked interesting. Or we could always do something else,
like play screen golf. We haven’t done that in ages and I need
to practice my swing with the golf season coming up soon.
Anyway, feel free to put forward anything that you feel like
doing too. If worse comes to worst, you can always come
round to my place and watch a movie.

under the impression
I was under the impression that she liked me since she always complimented me.

raise eyebrows
The initial plan of combining the two teams raised some eyebrows.

get one’s head around
I cannot get my head around why she acted like that the other night.

catch one’s eye
Something strange caught my eye when I was doing my rounds last night.