Part X

Interview Question 11 & 12
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Question 11:

  1. I’d like to give you a situation and ask you to act it out. You are at the airport on a business trip. You have found out that your flight has been delayed due to bad weather conditions. You have an important meeting with your client the following morning. Call your client and leave a message explaining the situation.
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Answer Strategy:

      Hello, Mr. Yamamoto, this is Jeong-hee Park from Lee Associates. I’m at Incheon airport right now, but I’ve just been informed that my flight has been delayed due to the heavy snow. They have put all flights on hold indefinitely as the airport isn’t sure when the runway will be safe to use. I’m still hopeful that I'll be able to depart tonight, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. There could be a slight possibility that we’ll have to push our appointment back until the afternoon if this snow storm doesn’t blow over tonight. Would that be okay or do you have other appointments in the afternoon? If you let me know when you’re free, I will work around your schedule and make sure we have this meeting before the weekend. I apologize for the possible inconvenience, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that my flight will depart soon.

Question 12:

  1. I’m sorry, but there is a problem I need you to resolve. You have arrived at the airport and found out that one of your bags is missing. Call the airline and ask them what has happened.

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Answer Strategy:

      Good morning. I was on your flight from Seoul to Tokyo this morning and it seems that one of my bags has gone missing. My name is Jeong-hee Park and the flight number was PB316. After the delay yesterday, this further inconvenience has really gotten on my nerves. The bag in question has all my work files and laptop inside that I require for a business meeting later today.It’s going to be a disaster if I can’t get it back in time. Can you please locate my bag promptly and deliver it to me at the Hardy Hotel? I'm very disappointed that this has happened. What kind of compensation do you offer in these cases? I'll be looking to make a formal complaint when I arrive back in Seoul. In the meantime I expect to receive a call in the next half hour with the whereabouts of my bag.

Key Expressions:

  • a heads up - The management didn’t give the employees a heads up about the new rule.

  • blow over - The scandal about the famous actor will eventually blow over.

  • work around - I have to work around the project as soon as possible.

  • get on one’s nerves - The pile of work is finally getting on my nerves.

  • in question - The policeman sometimes goes undercover to watch the man in question.

  • whereabouts - The whereabouts of the criminal are yet unknown.